The Project Centre

The Project Centre is an outreach of St Mary’s Anglican Church with Anglicare SA.

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The Centre is open Monday, Thursday and Friday from 9.00am – 3pm
Wood and metal workshops available for use.

Training available

Cost – $10 per day ($5 per session, morning or afternoon) – concessions may apply
Morning teas and lunches at the Picket Fence Community Centre are a great time for relaxing and having a chat
The Project Centre has a good range of products for sale – standard, or made to your specifications.

A sample of products:

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  • wooden toys
  • children’s furniture
  • outdoor furniture
  • furniture restoration
  • picture framing

Click here to view the catalogue and phone your order through on 8276 5793 or visit the workshop to speak with the friendly staff.

How to become involved in the activities of The Project Centre

Are needed to teach and/or supervise woodwork.
Experienced tradespeople and others suitably qualified can apply to teach by the contacting the Co-ordinator.

Those wishing to learn skills:
Should phone the Project Centre for further information on woodwork instruction.
The centre is equipped with a good range of static and portable power tools.
Instruction available in CAD (computer aided design)
Both men and women are welcome to join in activities.

To make a donation:
The centre is in need of tools, machinery and materials.
If you would like to make a donation, please phone the centre with the details.

Jobbing Shop
The Project Centre is also available to carry out that odd job (brackets, shelves, etc) you have been wanting to have manufactured, repaired, designed etc.
Bring the article, your sketch or idea to the centre and discuss it with our personnel.
We will be pleased to price it and complete your project.

The aims of the Project Centre are:

  • To create a place where people with various skills can come to make and repair items for themselves, for donation or for sale.
  • To be a place where people with various skills can work in a one on one situation with others, instructing them to make or repair items using the available equipment and materials.
  • To be a safe place where people can work in harmony with each other, mindful of the rules and regulations set by those using the facilities to their mutual benefit.
  • To be an outreach to the local community.
  • To provide a place where people can use manual skills to further their personal development.
  • To enrich the lives of those whose personal self esteem is low, helping them to find hidden talents.


Project Centre History

The Project Centre is an outreach of St Mary’s Anglican Church and Anglicare SA, established through the Picket Fence Community Centre.
Operation commenced 2nd July 2004 .
The Centre was initially equipped to carry out Woodwork and Metalwork activities although currently the metal workshop is not operating.
It was erected utilising The Federal Government “Work for the Dole” program through Workskil Inc., a program which was designed to improve the skills of the unemployed and give them the discipline of attending a workplace thus enhancing their ability to gain full time employment in the workforce. More than thirty five participants were involved in The Centre’s construction.
The availability of our own volunteers to supervise the project and participants enabled the Work for the Dole funding and other community grants to cover the cost of materials and equipment required for the erection of the Project Centre.

For all information please phone 0499 028 429

or email

Rene Nohlmans

Project Centre Coordinator