The Picket Fence Urban Farm

The Picket Fence Urban Farm

This Farm Program is a Community focused project run by St Mary’s Anglican Church

Our Urban Farm/Community Garden flourishes with abundance and a great symbiotic relationship between the humans, plants and creatures, all working together as we co-create with nature.

This  abundant Garden/Farm, which commenced in 1997 is a place where volunteers share in a safe welcoming space, to enjoy working and learning with camaraderie and co-operation in a relaxed atmosphere

The Garden and shop are open:

Monday        8:00 – 11:30am
Thursday      8:00 – 11:30am
Friday            8:00 – 11:30am

For school and other group visits & all enquiries please contact the Coordinator,

Rob Collett M: 0434354539 email:

Volunteers – You are invited to Come and Join us!

Volunteers are the backbone of the Urban Farm Project.

We welcome new Volunteers with an interest in Gardening.

We also welcome donations of plants, cuttings and larger pots and hanging baskets to keep our garden growing.

Morning tea is provided and lunch available for a nominal cost.


College and High School students enjoy the opportunity to participate in service learning, Community Work or Work Experience at the Community Garden.


“Dirty Diggings”-  a monthly gardening newsletter is available from the Garden or the Community Centre. This can also be emailed.

Topics include: Organics, Veggie Patch, Herbs, Soils, Garden Projects and Feature Articles.

Copies of newsletter can be accessed by clicking below.

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We sell Plant, Produce and Products!


A great range of plants are priced from $3 upwards.

To name a few ……….. these include hanging pots/baskets, Crinum Lily, Snake Plant, Frangipanis, Epiphyllum, Rubber Plants, Tree Begonias, and many succulents. Come and explore for yourself as stock varies.

Produce Available for purchase

Seasonal Produce is available for purchase. This can include veggies such as lettuce, endives, radishes, silverbeet, broad beans, spinach, tomatoes, spring onions. Seedlings may also be on offer!

Fresh potted herbs are regularly available also.

We can help your garden grow with:

  • Compost                        $3 bag (approx. 21 litres)
  • Worm juice                    $2 for 2 litres
  • Chicken Poo Liquid       $3 for 2 litres (needs to be diluted with water to the colour of weak tea)

Products available for purchase (or made to order)
All made mainly from recycled timber and sheets of metal

Garden Boxes/Planters

We make and sell a range of raised and vertical Garden Boxes.

Rectangular Raised Garden Boxes            

Rectangular Raised Garden Boxes

2.2m x 1.2m – $80 without base, $85 with iron base

Large Vertical Garden box

4.5m x 1.8m  $180

Square raised garden
Wood and Metal
Made to order<
1m x1m or 1.2m x1.2m<
Price $55 without base, $60 with base

Raised and Vertical Garden Boxes
Height 1160mm
Width 1160mm
Depth 780mm
Steel construction Timber top Priced from $50

Timber construction
1.00m x .84m $20 / $22
1.00m x .44m $15 / $16 painted

Planter Boxes
Timber construction
1.4m x .41m x .24m    $15 / $17 painted
Holds pots or fill with potting mix

Strawberry Box
1.11m x .15m x .20m $18
1.30 m x .25m x .25m 20
Wood construction

Double Raised Garden boxes
1m x .780m – $60.00
Timber and metal Construction

All garden beds, including other sizes, can be made to order or bring in your design.
For any enquiries please contact the Garden Coordinator

Rob Collett – M: 0434354539
Email –

Anglican Parish of St Mary’s
1167 South Road
St Marys, South Australia 5042