The Picket Fence Urban Farm

This Garden Program is a unique partnership between St Marys Anglican Church and  AnglicareSA.


Symbiotic relationship          


It has enabled our Community Garden to flourish with abundance and a great symbiotic relationship between the humans, plants and creatures, all working together in the garden as we co-create with nature. 

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This is the seventeenth Year of this wonderful, abundant Garden where volunteers share in a safe welcoming space, to enjoy working and learning with camaraderie and co-operation in a relaxed atmosphere.


Colleges and High School  Students enjoy the opportunity to participate in Service learning, Community Work or Work Experience at the Community Garden.

The Garden is open: garden vols

Monday        9.00am—2.30pm

Thursday     9.00am—2.30pm

Friday          9.00am—2.30pm

For school and other group visits & all enquiries please ring

the Coordinator Rob Collett Ph: 8374 2522   M: 0478 455 334


Volunteers required

Come and Join us

“Dirty Diggings”-  we publish a 10 page monthly

newsletter available from the Community Centre.

Topics include: Organics, Veggie Patch, Herbs,

Soils, GardenProjects and Feature Articles

A Monthly Market is held on the second Thursday 

plant salepc-2text box 1

Garden Boxes

We sell a range of raised and vertical Garden Boxes – Can be made to order.

large planter box

Rectangular Raised Garden Boxes            

Rectangular Raised Garden Boxes

2.2m x 1.2m – $85.00 can be made to order.



vertical boxes


Large Vertical Garden box

4.5m x 1.8m  $180.00




Square raised gardencombination planter box

Wood and Metal Made to order

Suitable for Square metre or Square foot garden

1m x1m or 1.2m x1.2m

Price $55.00

Raised and Vertical Garden Boxeslarge planter box 2

Height  1160mm

Width  1160mm

Depth  780mm

Steel construction Timber top

Vertical GardenGARDEN-Lg-2

Timber construction

1.00m  x.84m    $20  /  $22 painted

1.00m x .44m   $15  /  $16 painted

Ready to be filled with potting mix and plants

Other sizes can be made

Planter Boxes

Timber constructionGARDEN- BOX LARGE 2

1.4m x .41m x .24m    $15 / $17 painted

Hold pots or fill with potting mix

Other sizes can be made.

Strawberry Boxsmall planter box

1.11m x .15m x .20m     $18

1.30 m x .25m x .25m     $20

Wood construction

Double Raised Garden boxestwo tier planter

 1m x .780m – $60.00

 Timber Construction

Can be made to order


All garden beds can be made to order or bring in your design.

Made from mainly recycled materials.

All enquiries please contact the Garden Coordinator

Rob – p: 83742522 or m: 0478455334

email –