Archbishop’s visit

On Monday 26th August Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy of the Diocese of Perth visited One Community at St Mary’s.

She was in Adelaide as a guest of AnglicareSA and part of the tour organised for her was a trip to the St Mary’s site to see the many and varied activities on offer to the community.

She said that she had never seen a parish like St Mary’s before and would take some ideas back to Perth with her.



Luncheon and Fashion Parade

The St Mary’s Guild’s major fundraiser for the year was held on Wednesday 10th July.  Not attended by quite as many as last year, nevertheless $782 was raised towards funding the church cleaner and other projects.

Following the delicious lunch, provided by many members and friends, a fashion parade was enjoyed, featuring affordable clothing modeled by a few enthusiastic volunteers.

Visit from Bishop Daniel Deng Abot

Bishop Daniel Deng Abot, bishop of Duk Diocese, South Sudan was guest of the St Mary’s Parish during the first week of September.  On Wednesday night, Fr William and the wardens took the bishop out to dinner, Thursday night he was guest speaker at Table Talk, Friday night he shared dinner with the Sudanese congregation and Sunday he preached at both the 9am service and the afternoon Sudanese worship.


He shared some of his past stories with the Australians and told how although he had escaped from South Sudan during the fighting, he has now returned to lead his people as their bishop.  His home with his wife and seven children is now Brisbane but he returns to South Sudan on a regular basis.

Bishop Daniel has established funding support for South Sudanese orphans and our parish is sponsoring Paul Magai Manyiel, a young, orphaned South Sudanese boy who, through our financial support, is now able to attend school in Uganda.

The Sunday afternoon Sudanese worship was a great celebration with music and singing, commencing with a march around the church grounds.