Mural panels

Late in 2018 St Mary’s Parish decided to try to make the site look more welcoming for visitors and community members.

A Mitcham Community Development Grant allowed for the project to proceed, and with the assistance of art teachers from Springbank Secondary College, four mural panels were created in 2019 to brighten up a previously unattractive wall in the parish car park.

The panels were completed and ready for installation early in 2020 but sadly Covid19 put an end to our plans to celebrate.

At last, in December 2020 we were able to hold a small ceremony attended by the Mayor of Mitcham, Dr Heather Holmes-Ross, Ulus Fuat, Youth Development Officer City of Mitcham, teachers and students from Springbank Secondary College, Fr William and Parishioners of St Mary’s and a number of Anglicare staff, volunteers and community members.